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Prompts and Drabbles (6)


@jhutchmyanchor prompted me with this:

Everlark.  “I dare you.”

And then I dreamed up a world in which Everlark goes to college, Peeta makes bagels and wears boat shoes (sometimes) and things get fluffy.  Also, please excuse just a bit of self-indulgence in this one, because I’m most definitely showing a little love and honoring a real bagel place.


The first time she sees him, she’s just trying to grab a quick dinner that doesn’t require a deep fryer before her shift starts.  She’s set to start bartending at her uncle Haymitch’s bar, Captain’s, 20 minutes from now.  The bar is just next door to the college town’s infamous bagel shop, and Katniss figures she has time to order a bagel sandwich to take with her.

It’s a slow Thursday evening when she enters the tiny storefront that has just enough room for a couple of high tops pushed against the wall and a large counter that a few hours from now will be crawling with drunk and hungry co-eds.  But right now, it’s just the two of them because she’s The Bagel Shop’s only patron and he’s the only one working.

He’s wearing a simple white t shirt and jeans, an apron tied around his waist and a backwards baseball hat that covers his golden blond hair.  And he smiles a distractingly charming smile when he sees her come in, the blue of his eyes taking her slightly aback. 

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